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Research on Gynostemma Penthaphyllum

Updated: May 13

Research has shown that Gynostemma has the remarkable ability to both limit and stimulate the production of nitric oxide when the body is producing too much or too little on its own. When Gynostemma Nitric Oxide levels are too high or too low, Jiaogulan's regulatory action is essential for good health by establishing a balance, which is also evidence of Bioherby Jiaogulan's adaptogenic properties. Jiaogulan adaptogens are rare and remarkable plants that have the property of producing substances in the body that provide resistance to chemical, biological, emotional, and environmental stressors by increasing resistance in that specific direction to reduce stress. Bioherby Gynostemma Teas reduce the body's vulnerability by "adapting" it to the stressful circumstances. For more information, see

The active compounds in adaptogens belonged to a specific chemical class, namely the triterpene saponins, which have very low toxicity and very high jiaogulan adaptation potentiation.

Some Jiaogulan triterpene saponins possess adaptogenic properties, while other Jiaogulan possess anti-inflammatory, -protective (liver protecting), adrenal tonic and immune system enhancing effects.

In 2022, Gynostemma was scientifically proven to contain 174 saponins, nine of which are identical to Ginseng. Cannabis seed Information

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